Best chainsaw chain

Best Chainsaw Chain


Chainsaws are one of the most powerful machines that you can use. However, just like other machines, you also need to replace some of its parts and this includes finding the best chainsaw chain.

As one of the primary components of a chainsaw, an efficient chain should be durable and works smoothly with your machine. Acquiring the wrong kind of chain will provide more problems than you ought to have.

Furthermore, if it’s your first time to replace a chain, you might wonder what top products are available. To help you with selecting, here are the best chainsaw chains that you can find in the market.



 Best chainsaw chain 2019FeaturesPrice
Oregon S40 AdvanceCut 10-Inch Chainsaw ChainNot all chains will fit all saws brands mentioned on the packaging, to make sure you are getting the correct part call Oregon Customer Care at 1-800-223-5168
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Husqvarna 531300439 18-Inch H30-72 (95VP) Pixel Saw Chain.050-Inch Gauge
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Husqvarna H4684 0.050-Inch Gauge Saw Replacement Chain0.050-inch gauge
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Oregon D72 AdvanceCut 20-Inch Chainsaw ChainLubriTec keeps your chain and guide bar oiled for less friction and longer life
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Husqvarna 531300441 20-Inch H80-72 (72V) Saw ChainFits: 55 Rancher, 257, 261, 262 XP, 359, 455 Rancher, 460 and 460 Rancher
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STIHL 26RS 81 Rapid Super Chainsaw ChainOnly Fits 20" Bar Farm Boss Series, Stihl Chainsaw Models 024, 026, 028, 034, 036, MS241, MS260, MS261, MS270, MS271, MS290, MS291,
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Oregon S56 AdvanceCut 16-Inch Chainsaw ChainUnique cutter design cuts smooth and fast with minimum kickback
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UpStart Components 4-Pack 16" Semi Chisel Saw ChainHigh performance chain for smooth cuts. Engineered for precision, balance and safety for efficient cutting.
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Oregon S40 AdvanceCut 10-Inch Chainsaw Chain


For an affordable and effective chain, you can never go wrong with buying this product by Oregano. With its chrome plated cutters, you will definitely have no problem cutting of trees and other stuff.

It is also designed to reduce vibration so that you can comfortably hold on to your chainsaw.





  • ImportedBest chainsaw chain
  • Not all chains will fit all saws brands mentioned on the packaging, to make sure you are getting the correct part call Oregon Customer Care at 1-800-223-5168
  • Precision cutting chain, heat-treated, and hard-chromed cutter chain
  • Unique cutter design cuts smooth and fast with minimum kickback
  • Engineered for safety, performance, and quality


Top 3 Reviews:

Reviewer NameReview DescriptionVerified Purchase
Joseph HowardGot this chain for the Remington 107625-02, it does in fact fit it, flawlessly. 5yr Seasoned oak, a hot knife through butter (my have been a little quicker) but not by much. But that is largely because it is factory sharp. It is still going through its stretching phase, so every 4-6 cuts will require a re-tightening of the blade, but over all, FANTASTIC!!!!Yes
A mad customerCuts like butter, sharp as can be. Only one gripe from me, it tends to fall off every once in a while where as my last one that was on it, never did. I switched it back several times to test out if it was the chain or not and sadly it was. Its the correct one, I checked before I ordered it. My saw just doesn't like the brand as much for some reason unknown to me. (BUT) i will still give it a 5 stars and a good buy because of the ease of cutting when it does stay on.Yes
Bert AmickI've bought a LOT of different Chains for my Stihl MS 180 ......16 " saw
This chain is by far the BEST , It stays sharp longer and hardly shows any stretch over many cuts long in the woods.
ONLY problem, the last two I ordered was like one link too long ....... gotta take a link out .
I have replaced the original Stihl bar with a Forrester bar with the roller nose ......BIG improvement



Husqvarna 531300439 18-Inch H30-72 (95VP) Pixel Saw Chain


As one of the leading brands in lawn and garden equipment, Husqvarna produces one of the best chainsaw chains available in the market.

Surprisingly, you can get one with just a very affordable price. This replacement chain is a banger since it definitely cuts through wood and trees like butter.




Features:Best chainsaw chain

  • Fits: 41, 45, 49, 51, 55, 336, 339XP, 340, 345, 346 XP, 350, 351, 353, 435, 440, 445 and 450e
  • .325-Inch Pitch
  • .050-Inch Gauge
  • Ideal for professional users in demanding conditions
  • High-performance, low vibration chain


Top 3 Reviews:

Reviewer NameReview DescriptionVerified Purchase
Night Wolf EntertainmentThis is the OEM narrow kerf pixel chain loop that Husky dealers typically include with new saw purchases. You'd be hard pressed to find a better quality anti-kickback chain for less. On a 50cc saw, it goes through wood like butter.Yes
Dirty sanchezWorks perfect on 445 x torq. Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know how to use their saw. Being a new chain, you may need to move the chain tensioner all the way in to get the cover back on.Yes
Chris LawsonPut one of these plus a matching new bar on a Husky 50 Special that still had its original chain and wow, either something was wrong with the original chain or they've changed the alloy on the teeth in the past 25 years, because this thing cuts oak like butter and hasn't needed sharpening yet. Seems to hold an edge much better than the old chain did.Yes



STIHL 26RS 81 Rapid Super Chainsaw Chain


This chainsaw chain replacement by Stihl provides high-precision cutting accompanied by high speed. It can cut through wood with ease and remains sharp even with long usage.

Its features are definitely made for heavy-duty use and ensure that your woodwork is top quality. For a smooth and seamless cutting experience, this product is worth considering.




Features:Best chainsaw chain

  • Only Fits 20″ Bar Farm Boss Series, Stihl Chainsaw Models 024, 026, 028, 034, 036, MS241, MS260, MS261, MS270, MS271, MS290, MS291,
  • Genuine Stihl Chainsaw Chain
  • Please Check Your Stihl Bar to Verify Correct Chain
  • 20″ Bar .325 pitch .063 gauge


Top 3 Reviews:

Reviewer NameReview DescriptionVerified Purchase
ShadowBig wood chips from this guy, no wimpy sawdust! Grabs hard and digs deep, makes you have to pay close attention to the task. My ms271 with 20" bar is a monster with this chain!Yes
Stephen MolzerI used to have several of these chains with an older saw, then switched brands for a few years. I'm back to Stihl and just as impressed.Yes
Jason CamelHad one of these before and it and this one cuts like a laser, is the real deal not a knockoff. The cuts look like a combination blade on a tablesaw made them it cuts so well. Love the design of this chain!Yes



UpStart Components 4-Pack 16″ Semi Chisel Saw Chain


Tailored to keep your work easier, Upstart Components produces one of the best-rated chainsaw chain replacement. This 16-inch semi chiseled chain delivers both powerful and precise cuts.

Whether you are cutting through heavy wood, hardwood, or soft wood, you would definitely never encounter any problems. This sharp and durable chain definitely does the job.




Features:Best chainsaw chain

  • Replacement Oregon 91PX056G Chainsaw Chain; Quantity: 4 Chains
  • High performance chain for smooth cuts. Engineered for precision, balance and safety for efficient cutting.
  • Reduced vibration levels for consistent cuts and greater user comfort. Designed for durability to keep the chain sharper longer.
  • Avoid injuries by replacing dull or damaged chains with a sharp new chain
  • Please Note: The same saw can have different bar lengths so ensure you confirm the pitch, gauge, & drive links on your current bar. Not all bars take the same amount of links.


Top 3 Reviews:

Reviewer NameReview DescriptionVerified Purchase
RJI dont usually write reviews but these chains are really quite good. I abuse my chains on roots and land clearing and they hold up better than the big "O" chains for 15-18 bucks a pop. I was sharpening those all the time just to keep an edge. These cut much longer before needing to be touched up. I'm getting some more, for the price and performance, you can switch them out and just replace them if you wanted to and still be ahead in money.Yes
HARRY MARTZThese cut well and stay sharp even cutting locust, a very hard wood. I'd buy them again.Yes
Dublin BobWow, what a price. I can't see a difference in these compared to more expensive chains. I'm hoping they start caring carbide tip chains in the future, I'm just too cheap to pay $60-$70 for a carbide tip chain.Yes



Oregon D72 AdvanceCut 20-Inch Chainsaw Chain


Oregon’s D72 Advance Cut is defiinitely one of the most promising product. This 20-inch chainsaw chain is engineered for greatness. With its high precision and low vibration technology, a smooth cutting experience is definitely in place.

So, if you are looking for a bang for your buck, go grab one of these now.





  • Pitch: 3/8″, gauge: .050″, drive link count: 72
  • LubriTec keeps your chain and guide bar oiled for less friction and longer life
  • Top-Plate Filing Indicators make accurate sharpening easier
  • Exclusive OCS-01 Steel provides greater durability
  • For saw sizes 50-100 cc.File size:7/32 inches


Top 3 Reviews:

JarodOrdered this by mistake. Thought i was getting the D70, my mistake not Amazon's. Logic says a 20 inch is a 20 inch as long as the specs are the same right? I read a Q&A on this that someone else asked if it would work with a PP5020 and the answer was no. Well that answer was WRONG. I have the PP5020 and it works perfectly fine. Would definetly buy again.Yes
4x5nI bought a replacement Oregon bar for my Sears saw and it uses this chain! During the summer I've cut up a number of 40+ year old pine trees broken during a tornado.(they were green when broken and the pine tar and pitch gummed up everything but the chain) as well as Oak trees as large as 18" around. The chain outperformed the chains on the husky and stihl saw friends were using hands down. It's a great chain that lasts a long time and stays sharp for a surprising length of time.Yes
BrazilI use this on my Stihl 026, and this is going to be the chain I use exclusively from here on out. I'm amazed at how well it cuts. I usually just get my chains sharpened, because frankly I'm bad at it. But for $18, it's well worth it to me to just buy a new one. It's so much sharper and longer lasting than any chain I've just had sharpened. My sawdust looks like confetti.Yes



Best Chainsaw Chain Buying Guide


Any part of a heavy-duty equipment is made to withstand pressure and high intensity. Chainsaw’s are expected to be able to cut through thick trees without causing too much effort on the user.


Chainsaw chains are essential to how effective a chainsaw function. As such, there must be criteria’s that you should take into account before buying one. Here are those criteria that you should look for.


Chainsaw Bar Length

Of course, you have to measure the length of the chainsaw bar. This determines the fit of the chain on the chainsaw and must be taken into account before buying.

Type of Chainsaw

Different types of chainsaw are used for different types of activity. Generally, there are two types: ripping and cross-cutting. Before buying a chain, determine first where the chainsaw is being used then correspond it to its appropriate chain type.

With lots of different chainsaw chain available, you will definitely get one that will help give you the best and smoothest cutting experience.


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