What Is Glass Fiber Wallpaper?

glass fiber wallpaper

Question: What Is Glass Fiber Wallpaper? Fiberglass wallpaper is a special type of wallpaper that is made of very fine glass fibers. The standard wallpaper often consists of paper or vinyl.
By interweaving and pressing the fine glass fibers, an extremely strong mesh is created. Applying thickening and relief creates a beautiful structure. This is the same with renovation wallpaper.

glass fiber wallpaper

Fiberglass wallpaper is white and after sticking to the wall we finish it with some paint. Our fiberglass wall paperers are of course also skilled in paint work.

Do I Choose Glass Fiber Wallpaper Or Fleece Wallpaper?

There is a big difference between fiberglass and non-woven wallpaper. Both types of wallpaper each have their own characteristics. Non-woven wallpaper has a polyester finish and also consists of paper or vinyl.
The two different types of wallpaper can both be used for paint. Our fiberglass wall paperer is all-round and sticks all types of wallpaper to walls.

It is also the case that our fiberglass wall paperer smears the wall with glue before using these types of wallpaper. That is different from the method of paper wallpaper or vinyl wallpaper.

Glass Fiber Wallpaper For A Decorative Wall Finish

Our wall paperers that apply fiberglass to walls offer the opportunity to finish your wall in a decorative way.

The wallpaper of this type is available in all kinds of structures. In this way you determine which relief will be placed on your wall. The weave structure is one of the best known structures of this wallpaper.

However, there are also many other structures. For example, it is possible that our fiberglass wall paperer applies the wallpaper with an original herringbone pattern. Or with a zigzag relief.

How Does The Glass Fiber Hanger Apply The Wallpaper?

Our fiberglass wall paperers start with the application of the wall paper by applying glue. Our specialist uses special glass fiber glue for this.

The glass fiber glue is immediately ready for use from the bucket. Our wallpaperer applies the glue to the wall with a fur roller. Of course with an even distribution.

To ensure that the wallpaper adheres well, our wallcovering smears the glue slightly wider than the width of the wallpaper on the wall.

Preparation Of The Wall

It is important that the wall is clean and dry before our fiberglass wall paperers gets started. That is important in view of the end result.

If there are holes in the wall, it is advisable to fill it in first. This is easily achieved by using a suitable wall filler.

Is the wall covered with latex? Then it is useful to first clean it and treat it with a primer. This is due to the adhesion process of the wallpaper.

Which Materials Use The Glass Fiber Wallpaper?

Our fiberglass wallpaperers naturally use different materials to do the job. In addition to fiberglass wallpaper and fiberglass glue, there are other requirements.
A brush and a fur roller or glue machine belong to the equipment of our wallpaperer. If necessary, our professional also uses primer.
There is also the use of a rubber roller and plastic spatula. The equipment is complete with a knife and ruler.

• Fiberglass wallpaper
• Fiberglass glue
• Brush
• Coat roller or glue machine
• Primer if required
• Plastic spatula
• Rubber roller
• Stanley knife
• Ruler

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