Best Small Chainsaw

Best Small Chainsaw


Convenience and efficiency will always be the main goals of tools and machines. The same is true for chain saws, these machines make cutting easier by reducing the bearer’s effort and time consumed to get the job done. And now manufacturers have further simplified chainsaws by creating the best small chainsaw.

Small chainsaws are made so users won’t have to bear the weight of normal chainsaw. Many manufacturers have capitalized in this idea and thus thrived to produce the best small chainsaw.

Below is a list of the best small chainsaws that are available in the market today.




Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim 8 Amp 14-Inch Lightweight Corded Electric ChainsawIt is highly durableCheck Amazon Price
Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless ChainsawHigh Performance G-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion Battery delivers fade-free power with no memory loss after chargingCheck Amazon Price
Brushless Compact 12 in. Cordless Chainsaw Kit (5AH)HIGH EFFICIENCY BRUSHLESS MOTOR: maximizes run time and motor lifeCheck Amazon Price
Remington RM4214 Rebel 42cc 14-inch Gas ChainsawEquipped with quick start technology to make pull starts easier
Check Amazon Price
BLACK+DECKER PHS550B 3.4 Amp Powered Handsaw with Storage BagPowerful 3.4 amp, 4,600 SPM motorCheck Amazon Price
BLACK+DECKER PHS550B 3.4 Amp Powered Handsaw with Storage BagPowerful 3.4 amp, 4,600 SPM motor
Check Amazon Price
Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 32.2cc 14-Inch Top Handle Chain SawSprocket nose bar with Oregon chain provides added control for easier cuts
Check Amazon Price
Amp Electric Chainsaw with Auto-Tension, Chain Brake, and Automatic OilingIncludes 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
Check Amazon Price
Husqvarna 240, 16 in. 38.2cc 2-Cycle Gas ChainsawAir purge - removes air from carburetor and fuel system for easy starting
Check Amazon Price
Worx WG322 20V Cordless Chainsaw with Auto-TensionAutomatic, tool-free chain tension system
Check Amazon Price


Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim 8 Amp 14-Inch Lightweight Corded Electric Chainsaw


REMINGTON RM1425 is specifically built for your small limb trimming needs. With its lightweight compact body plus an easy-to-grip design, it will surely change the way you look at small chainsaws.

It also comes with a wraparound handguard which adds to its easy-to-grip design. This series of small chainsaw is made to give you comfort.





  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: At just over 6 pounds, the compact, easy-to-wield design is perfectly suited for your small limb trimming needsBest Small Chainsaw
  • POWERFUL TRIMMING: Squeeze the trigger to engage the 8-amp electric motor and cut through small branches or saplings
  • PUSH BUTTON OILER: Avoid the mess and quickly disperse the right amount of oil to lubricate the 14-inch, safety-conscious, low-kickback bar
  • QUICK TENSIONER: External tension adjuster makes fast work of changing the chain’s tension
  • WRAPAROUND HANDGUARD: Handle is covered by a handguard to keep your hands away from flying debris
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Comes fully assembled ready to cut


Top 3 Reviews

Reviews NameReview DescriptionVerified Purchase
MacFirst off for all of those people that gave negative reviews due to chain problems: The chain will not come off the bar spontaneously, it will not come loose every few seconds, it does not require tightening every minute or so. However, if the bar and chain is NOT assembled correctly it will do ALL of those things. There is this magical pin that is attached to the chain tensioner screw that MUST be in the small round hole in the guide bar. Yes
The Confederate ArtistDO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THIS LITTLE CHAINSAW... This bugger will do it.. we had a tough guy tree "expert" vanish and leave us high and dry and he and his fine crew left an enormous partially cut up Sweetgum tree down in our backyard. The remaining stump was 20ft length and about 26 diameter at the base... this saw got it all cut up in no time flat... I had to go from both sides the further down i went to the base... but it was not a tough thing and was actually rather fun to use the saw... one of the best buys I have ever made on Amazon. Yes
ArchetypehealerI am a petite woman - five feet tall and I can't manage a heavy saw. This one has allowed me to feel self-empowered and I've used it to cut down a lot of limbs and branches in my yard. I love this tool!



Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw


The battery of this small chainsaw is capable of storing power up to a month without the risk of charge loss.

It also features its robust 12 inches steel chain and bar. Despite its size, it can deliver a performance comparable to its larger peers, truly a small but efficient chain saw.






  • High Performance G-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion Battery delivers fade-free power with no memory loss after chargingBest Small Chainsaw
  • Robust 12-inch steel chain and bar with tool-less chain tensioning offers ease of use while delivering the highest cutting performance
  • 3/8-inch chain pitch delivers the right amount of capabilities to get those limbs trimmed and cut with minimal kickback
  • Automatic oiler applies oil to bar and chain when needed to ensure durability and optimal use with a translucent oil tank for clear view of oil level.Wrap around handle for multiple cutting positions to provide ease of use when trimming at different angles
  • 40V G-Max and 40V Lithium-Ion Batteries are not cross compatible; this tool is compatible with the G-Max 2.0 Ah battery (29462) and the G-Max 4.0 Ah battery (29472)


Top 3 Reviews

Reviews NameReview DescriptionVerified Purchase
eric bethardPurchased without battery . I used the battery from my greenworks weedeater. 40v 2a. Cost was around 50 bucks with prime 2 day shipping. Never owned a chainsaw of any kind. I was able to cut up the tree that feel over my fence line and remove a tree out of my grape vines and chop up the trunk before charge ran out. Figured this review will let you know what this chainsaw can handle and how long the charge will last. See attached pictures. All was done on one charge.
Lawrence MacionskiAt age 68, mixing gas, pumping primer bulbs and pulling starter cords, till I almost fall over dizzy, to drop a broken branch. NOT! I have NOT used my 2 Poulan 16in. &14in. bar chainsaws since I bought this. Battery life is the equivalent of a tank of gas on either of the Poulan's. There have been day's I've run both Poulan's alternately while taking down 40-50 foot high trees as big around as I. So, don't take this to a Kansas Tornado aftermath.. BUT - take it with the ATV and a 3x4' garden cart into the woods to get 400 pounds of firewood.Yes
Farm wifeI really like this little chain saw, I'm a 5'4", 65 yr. old woman and this is just right for me. Plenty of power - I trimmed quite a few dead branches off our evergreen windbreak trees and the battery lasted for at least an hour - it never ran out of power but I ran out of branches I could reach from the ground. Enough weight to make it stable to use but not so heavy I couldn't handle it. The chain came off a couple of times but that was mostly me learning about my new saw - it went back on easily and after I figured out the tightening mechanism, it stayed tight. I really like that it is self-oiling - I have an older cordless chain saw, different maker, and the way it SAYS you are supposed to feed bar oil is both messy and not very effective. So...overall I would recommend this to anyone for an all-purpose backyard type saw.



Brushless Compact 12 in. Cordless Chainsaw Kit (5AH)


A device created by DeWalt, a company known for its sturdy and reliable tools. This small chainsaw is made to last and satisfy the user.

Only weighing 8.8 lbs, this small chain saw maximizes the user’s control and maneuverability. It is also perfect for professionals who possess skills in executing designs through trimming.






  • Low kick back 12″ Oregon Bar and chain: for construction and outdoor cutting applicationsBest Small Chainsaw
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY BRUSHLESS MOTOR: maximizes run time and motor life
  • Tool free chain tensioning and Bar tightening knob: for proper Bar clamping force
  • Compact and lightweight design: Only 8.8 lbs. for maximum user control and comfort
  • Part of the 20V max system of tools
  • Chain Speed : 25.2 feet/second


Top 3 Reviews

Reviews NameReview DescriptionVerified Purchase
htpI was quite reluctant to buy a cordless chainsaw, and even more reluctant to buy a 20V one. Having 5 other 20V Max tools, and given that the product had a 90 day money back guarantee, I thought I would give it a try. MAJOR good move. Let's be honest, this isn't a tree felling, firewood stockpiling chainsaw, but you wouldn't be buying a 12" tool for that, would you? In a true baptism by fire, the first use was Hurricane Irma cleanup in a south Florida yard. It sliced through a downed citrus tree easily, even 5-6" limbs, and citrus is not soft. Yes
Mr. GadgetI received the DeWalt chain saw knowing it would be a compromise from what I once had and what I had been using (a sawzall) to cut limbs, etc. I received if on a Saturday afternoon, unpacked it, put the battery on charge and just left it there overnight. After church I figured I’d attempt to cut a few things down or clean up some brush before the battery died, and trying to keep myself from bodily injury in the process.
BarrySo far just what I expected with a DeWalt product. An Excellent product This 12” blade took down this small tree with a 10” diameter. Obviously a bigger and beefer chain saw would make shorter work of this tree. But I was amazed this little guy could hang with the big saws.



BLACK+DECKER PHS550B 3.4 Amp Powered Handsaw with Storage Bag


Black & Decker PHS550B is among the smallest handsaws ever! It is one of the best yard tools for cutting materials 5 to 6 inches in thickness.

This product also comes with a handsaw, a large capacity blade, a metal cutting blade, and a storage bag. These extra tools will make your Black & Decker backyard tool experience better.





  • Powerful 3.4 amp, 4,600 SPM motorBest Small Chainsaw
  • Powerful 3.4 amp, 4,600 SPM motor
  • Cuts wood and metal; patented tool-free blade changes
  • 6-foot cord; compact and lightweight design
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Included with handsaw: large capacity blade, metal cutting blade, and storage bag



Top 3 Reviews

Reviews NameReview DescriptionVerified Purchase
NobodyA lot better than I thought. Cuts small trees fairly easily, some I cut were 5 or 6 inches thick. Small branches a piece of cake. Of course like many I had an issues putting the blade on. Once I figured out I could use a flat head screw driver to "re-position" the lock to match the hole on the blade so it will slide on to then move the blade into it's final locking position. "See photo of this bolt" Use the flat head to turn it to match the blade hole" I wasted an hour trying to figure this simple fix out, no where is it mentioned you can turn it.
schmedrakeThis is one of the best yard tool purchases I've ever made. I've had it over a year now and have used it to cut down the fast-growing volunteer trees that invade my garden each year (trunks 1-2" across) and cut up the firewood branches that are too big to break over my knee. I can't say I've cut anything more than a couple of inches across, but it saws through kind of stuff like butter. I have purchased a few chain saws over the years and have just been disappointed by them. They inevitably get dirt in them, then are ruined.Yes
Marsha Queen of AmazonI'm a disabled female senior citizen who gets really tired of WAITING on somebody to actually show up to do the work they promised. In the midst of pure frustration, I ordered this saw & boy am I GLAD I did!!! I've trimmed a Nandina shrub that was taking over my back steps down to the ground; so it can grow back naturally. I've trimmed some out of control hedges on the front of my house. NO, not just trimming the new growth; but actually cutting away some of the large limbs that were growing in the wrong directionYes



Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 32.2cc 14-Inch Top Handle Chain Saw


If you want security, then this product is right for you. TANAKA TCS33EDTP chain saw comes with a 7-year consumer, 2-year commercial and 1-year rental warranty. Now you no longer have to worry about early breakage because the company offers extended services.

This chain saw features a half throttle choke with purge primer bulb for an easy start and warm-up.





  • 14-Inch top handle chain saw with 32.2cc commercial grade pure fire engine to provide a clean, powerful performance with less fuel consumptionBest Small Chainsaw
  • Half throttle choke with purge primer bulb for easy start and warm up
  • Automatic gear-driven oiler and a side access chain tensioning providing quick and convenient chain adjustment
  • Sprocket nose bar with Oregon chain provides added control for easier cuts
  • Comes with a 7-year consumer, 2-year commercial and 1-year rental warranty


Top 3 Reviews

Reviews NameReview DescriptionVerified Purchase
jstaregperI purchased this Tanaka saw two months ago and have heavily pruned three very large trees with three more to go. The beauty of this saw is its light weight and top handle when you are up in a tree pruning. This saw fits this niche perfectly and it starts well, handles well, cuts fast, is economical to run, and the oiler works very well. The seven year warranty is a large selling pointYes
Jack of all tradesAs most have already stated this little saw is a monster. Was on my second tank of gas and it was just starting to get broken in taking some limbs out of a 75ft oak I was wrecking. After felling the trunk my big saw died so I figured I would take some of the top of the trunk off to minimize the size of the trunk, well a few tanks of gas later I was bucking the 28" base of the trunk into 10" sections (to make splitting firewood easier) the little saw that could just kept running better and better the more I buried the entire 14 inch blade in the trunk...even engaging the dogs and lifting up the back of the saw the engine was reluctant to bog....amazing little saw!
DrewSo far so good. Bought the 12" model, i had what I felt was an over oiling issue, as ive read so have others. This may be due to the oil im using, i use the cheapy stuff from lowes. I saw a suggestion on the hitachi model, which is the same chainsaw, which suggested placing two rubber O'rings on the oil tube to tighten it up. Seems to be holding up very well, i bought an o'ring assortment from harbor freight for $5. Never did any chain saw maintenance but i was able to do it. Youtube it. As for the cutting power the 12" model has a lot of power very hungry. Overall awesome chainsaw.



Husqvarna 240, 16 in. 38.2cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw





  • This item is no longer available from the manufacturerBest Small Chainsaw
  • NEW ITEM: 967861936 – ASIN: B07JJML8PQ
  • X-torque – delivers lower fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emission levels in accordance with the worlds most stringent environmental regulations
  • Air injection – centrifugal air cleaning system removes larger Dust and debris Particles before reaching the air filter. This results in reduced air filter Cleanings and improved engine life
  • Combined choke/stop control – allows for easier starting and reduces the risk of Engine flooding
  • Lowvib – System designed to reduce vibration levels to the operator, which lessens fatigue
  • Air purge – removes air from carburetor and fuel system for easy starting


Top 3 Reviews

Reviews NameReview DescriptionVerified Purchase
D. FoxI noticed a lot of low ratings for this saw saying it's hard to start... I took it out of the box, put gas and oil in, pressed the primer bulb some, turned the choke on, pulled the starter a couple times and it did not start... waited about 10 seconds, pulled starter once and it was running good... I have another Husqvarna saw but bigger and these saws always start if you prime and choke, maybe sometimes half choke.. This is a 16 inch saw but it's easy to cut logs as big as 20 inches...
An NadiaI had the same frustration trying to start the saw as the other 1 star reviewers, until I figured out the trick! Key is the T screw. Try start your saw ONCE exactly as the manual say, only once. If it does not start or dies on idle, turn the T screw one turn clockwise, try again. Repeat till it starts and idles without stalling. It worked perfectly for me that.
AJF85I love this chain saw. It's the little chain saw that could! I've used numerous times for gathering wood to be split for camping, hunting and for the fireplace at home. It works like a knife going through butter for small to moderate size timber. I like that it's not too heavy to use for an extended period of time. It's easy to fill and the bar/chain oil conveniently runs out around the same time as the gas/oil mix so as not to run the moving parts dry. If you follow the users guide to maintaining and starting/stopping it's very straightforward and easy to use. I have never had any problems getting it to start, in sun/rain/blowing snow, and from 95F degrees down to 10F degrees. A trusted brand a great product for the price. Recommend getting the bar scabbard to protect the bar/chain as well.



Worx WG322 20V Cordless Chainsaw with Auto-Tension





  • Automatic, tool-free chain tension systemBest Small Chainsaw
  • Automatic chain Lubrication with oil lever indicator
  • Compact and light weight design
  • Includes Battery indicator for quick Battery life review.
  • 20V Battery and charger included. Share Battery across multiple WORX tools within the 20V power share platform


Top 3 Reviews

Reviews NameReview DescriptionVerified Purchase
Lindley KarstensI've never owned a chainsaw, and certainly not a cordless one. So I was a bit skeptical. But this little Worx saw made me a believer in the new generation of cordless tools. I've been sawing through all kinds of branches, all the way up to about 6 inches (just rock it back and forth for a bit and you'll be amazed). The battery life is good, but I was having so much fun I bought the bigger battery.Yes
Mountain HavenMy husband laughed when I told him I wanted to buy this particular chainsaw for cutting small trees on our property. His chainsaw was way too heavy for me & I had a hard time starting it because it was gas powered. I was also sick & tired of waiting for him to cut the trees needing to be cut. Earlier in the season, I bought a WORX Leafblower which came with 2 batteries so I used those batteries & bought this chainsaw! BEST BUY EVER! My husband now sneaks MY CHAINSAW out when I'm not around! Yes
delta_grimesThe PERFECT option for our annual Christmas Tree hunt! This little guy is amazing! So easy to set up, and use. The batteries seem to last a VERY long time and the best part, it’s the same battery I use in my WORX weed whacker.



Best Small Chainsaw Buying Guide


Small chainsaws are all designed for easy portability and handling. They basically function similarly with each other and so picking the small chainsaw that you like is fairly easy.

Nevertheless, you still have to put some things into consideration to prevent dissatisfaction and disappointment on your purchase.

Here are some things you might need to ponder to be satisfied with the small chainsaw that you will buy.


The budget is very important since it dictates the pool of small chainsaws that you will choose from. The higher is your budget, the more products there are to choose from. So start with making a budget plan first

Availability of Port Outlets

One should give this consideration with utmost important. Some small chainsaws might need to be plugged into a power source to run. The user must take into account the availability of ports or a nearby power source when one intends to buy a corded chainsaw.


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Best Small Chainsaw Reviews and Buying Guide(Updated)
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